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The Power is in
the Plants, People!


Find out why the Rock-Solid approach to supercharged plant-based nutrition is at the cutting edge of superior health, maximal longevity and peak performance.

Every nutrient the human body needs comes in its purest form from the earth, via a variety of plant-based foods. In a perfect world, we would be getting all of our nutrients from the organic food we would grow in our own backyard garden. Chlorophyll, calcium and iron would be plentiful in our wild greens; clean, high-fiber protein sources would be abundant in our legumes, nuts and whole grains; ample quantities of B-12 would be clinging to most everything we pulled from the ground; an endless variety of antioxidants and phytonutrients would be bursting out of the multicolored array of fruits and veggies we would be feasting on throughout the day; and our omega 3 to omega 6 ratios of essential fatty acids would be in optimal balance because we wouldn't be drenching our foods in "manufactured" oils.

We would also be enjoying plenty of ultra pure water and air in a toxin-free environment, living 99% stress free, getting ample rest, using our bodies vigorously everyday, and avoiding so many of the foodstuffs that either undermine the absorption and assimilation of certain nutrients or wreak havoc on our otherwise efficient system. So, unless you have sought exile in the Witness Protection Program and are living such an existence in the Montana wilderness somewhere, this is probably not a "perfect world" for you either!

Still, with a little know-how and planning, you can create a serious eating regimen, right here and right now, and experience maximum benefit from the Rock-Solid nutrition lifestyle. To do so, you will want to do three basic things:

1. Enjoy a wide range of nutrient-dense, plant-based fuel (through clean water, Rock-Solid snacks and sit-down meals, Superfoods smoothies, and key supplements)

2. Absorb and assimilate the maximum amount of these nutrients (through certain eating practices, lifestyle principles and a few select supplements)

3. Avoid a number of toxins in the form of certain foods, drinks or ingredients.

With these things in mind, Rock-Solid nutrition begins with the many fiber-rich, largely alkaline plant-based foods like fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds and all of their many derivatives like smoothies, salads, soups, sandwiches, trail mix, cereals, certain snack or sports bars, veggie burgers, burritos, rice/pasta/potato-based dishes and a whole host of others that we will be getting into. Here is where you can enjoy the optimal assimilation of every important nutrient there is, and you can do it in a way where there is a surprising amount of variety and flavor.

In depth analysis of various cultures around the world continually demonstrate that many plant foods-based communities exhibit greater longevity, better overall health and far less incidence (in some cases zero) of various diseases and ailments than do the meat-eating cultures.

There are also many other perspectives, from the anatomical to the medical, that unequivocally support the merits of the plant-based regimen, as well. The time-tested, quantifiable results and benefits of the veggie diet as illustrated by these many perspectives is, to me, the true measure of how efficacious an eating regimen is; not some flavor-of-the-month diet that has you losing lots of weight on the short-term, but clogging up your arteries and turning your blood stream into an acidic river of ketones on the long-term.

The Power is in the Plants, People!

Question: But don't we need at least some animal products in our diet to
get all of our nutrients?

Answer: No.

Once again, every nutrient you will ever need comes in its purest form direct from the earth, via a variety of plant-based foods. That's where the animals get them, and when someone eats animal products, they are getting a second-hand version of these nutrients, encased in a "delivery system" (the animal's flesh, milk or eggs) that is devoid of any dietary fiber or live enzymes and usually replete with factory farm-related toxins, artery-clogging saturated fats and protein ratios that make our blood acidic. Eat from the earth for Rock-Solid nutrition.

The Role of Rock-Solid Technology

Nutrient-dense plant-based food is just the beginning, however. With so many of the incredible technological advancements we've made, like freeze-drying processes, high-powered blenders, advanced production and distribution methods, etc., we are now able to experience more varieties of the most valuable nutrients on earth, in their optimal forms.

We are also able to integrate key vitamin, probiotic, enzyme, antioxidant, essential fatty acid and herbal supplements, as needed, for a real edge in our nutritional regimen. So the Rock-Solid way to superior nutrition is to combine the time-tested concepts from the past with some of these technological advancements that are available to us now. This is what will take us to unprecedented levels of health and wellness.

The Bigger Picture of Rock-Solid Nutrition

Additionally, the Rock-Solid approach to nutrition is mindful of the fact that, besides our personal health and well-being, there is a bigger picture to consider with every bite of food that we eat:

1. The well-being of those folks with not enough to eat around the world.
2. The well-being of our fellow animals.
3. The well-being of our planet.

What do these issues have to do with what's on your plate? Everything!

1. The 10 billion animals per year that are raised and killed in the mammoth factory farming industry eat the vast majority of grains grown in this country. But the food that is yielded from these animals is only a fraction of what it took to feed them. For example, four pounds of grains fed to a cow ultimately only yields a quarter-pound of beef! These grains could be used much more efficiently (and healthfully) if they were fed to people directly.

2. The Rock-Solid Lifestyle philosophy is always mindful of our fellow animals. There is simply no reason to ever contribute, on any level, to the killing, exploitation or suffering of an animal. Ever.

3. To truly live Rock-Solid, we have to tread lightly upon the earth and be respectful of all of our natural resources. Simply put, both the factory farm and "seafood" industries are trashing our planet in unfathomable proportions, and in countless ways. (Check out the Links section of this site for more info. You will be astounded.)

As we choose the supercharged plant-based foods that are suggested throughout Rock-Solid Fitness, we are actually doing our part in freeing up more resources for the hungry, expressing a more evolved understanding of the interconnectedness between all living creatures, and demonstrating a fierce reverence for the planet. And as we learn more about the far-reaching, global consequences of eating animal products, it gives us more resolve and motivation to keep our meals and snacks Rock-Solid.

When you break it all down, there are six basic nutritional components that the body is looking for: water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. That's it. Optimal amounts and forms of all of these components are readily interwoven into the Rock-Solid "Six-S" Circle of Superior Nutrition. Let's check it out:

Welcome to the Rock-Solid
"Six-S" Circle of Superior Nutrition!

A quick overview of everything you
need to know about healthy eating -
in 10 minutes or less!

What it's All About

For all of the complexities of the human body and its optimal nourishment, there are really only six components to Rock-Solid Nutrition. Yet, many folk's eyes begin to glaze over at the prospect of integrating even ONE of these concepts into their daily lives. What do I eat? Where do I find it? How do I prepare it? Will it take a lot of extra time? Is it expensive? Will I be getting all of the nutrients I need? Will I lose weight? Can I maintain the regimen? And on and on it goes...until most people simply fall back into what's most familiar (and, unfortunately, most destructive) to them. So the purpose of this whole concept is to make the transition as easy to follow as possible and to allow you to evolve at your own pace.

As you can see in the above graphic, these six basic components to Rock-Solid Nutrition have been arranged in a circle for easy comprehension. In my book, Rock-Solid Fitness, I have tons more detail, options, recipes, suggestions, and overall information for you. But for now, the idea is to give you a detailed sneak preview of the philosophy and get you up-and-running on a superior eating regimen as quickly and easily as possible.

How it All Works

Although you could start anywhere in the circle, the best way is to begin with Starters at the top and then proceed clock-wise and add Snacks, then Smoothies, etc. As you get further around the circle, you will, of course, be adding more things to your regimen. But it really won't feel like you're having to do all of these extra things. You will simply be replacing some of your existing meals, snacks or habits with better ones.

The most important thing, however, is that you really have a handle on one component before going to the next. Take a few days or a week, whatever you like, to get familiar with each new component before moving on. Being comfortable with a given concept is way more important than how fast you make your way around the circle.

This is Not a Diet!

This is part of a lifestyle that will bring you unprecedented levels of health, vitality and energy. So there's no hurry. Take your time and let each new idea sink in. If you try to do too much, too soon, you might get discouraged and blow the whole thing off. On the other hand, if you're the "all or nothing" type (like me), the book has several Day-in-the-Life eating plans that will put you on the fast track to the ultimate eating regimen, overnight.

Super Synergy

Either way, you will notice that an incredible synergy will begin to happen for you at some point in the process. The components are designed to complement each other and create exponential benefits as you master them. You will feel it. Believe me when I tell you that there is no other eating philosophy out there like this. Think of it as a best-of-the-best collection of the most nourishing foods, supplements and eating concepts, extracted from the world's healthiest civilizations and the most cutting-edge nutritional technologies available. Plus, all of the suggestions are completely animal and planet friendly. It's all Rock-Solid, friends.

The Components at a Glance

Let's take a quick overview at exactly what these six components entail. (You will find all the info you need for a few of these components at the bottom of the page.)

Starters - "Water/Five/F.A.S.T.:" This first component is built around three critical concepts, but only one that requires your immediate action: Drink More Water. Water is the most essential nutrient there is, and yet nearly 75% of our population is dehydrated on some level. I'll show you an easy way to drink 1.5 liters of water (less than a half-gallon) throughout the course of your entire day.

The other two concepts are, for now, just ideas to be thinking about. The "Five" part of the equation is that you will be eating something at least five times a day, even if it's just a little snack. And the F.A.S.T. concept is simply an explanation of the top four things you need to know about transitioning into a superior eating regimen that no one ever really talks about.

Snacks - This one is super easy. Since eating five or more times a day is so important, we have to bring in the idea of snacking...but we have to make sure we're enjoying the right kind of snacks. Fortunately, there are tons of healthy and delicious snacks out there, most of which are easy to take with you to work, school or on the road. Many of these items are available at your local grocery or health food store, as well. Start with two a day.

Superfoods Smoothies - The delicious, "Superfoods" kind of Smoothies that I recommend in Rock-Solid Fitness are at the absolute bedrock of the superior nutrition regimen. In less time than it takes to make a sandwich, you can ensure that you're getting virtually every single nutrient you need. But it has to be the right smoothie mix, prepared the right way. I'll show you what to get, where to find it and how easy it is to make a variety of delicious smoothies, anywhere, anytime. This will be your secret weapon. Start with one per day.

Sit-Down Meals - A whole new world of delicious, Rock-Solid meals awaits, many of which you already may know about. We will talk about four easy ways to make your meals Rock-Solid and discuss many other options and recipes. And yes, you can still enjoy eating at most any restaurant, family function or social occasion, but without poisoning your body or clogging up your arteries. And once you know what you're looking for, it will require hardly any extra time finding these foods, as they're available at the local health food or even grocery store, as well as most restaurants. You just have to know what you're looking for. With the Snacks and Smoothies concepts underway, you will likely only need to have two Sit-Down Meals per day.

Supplements - While this category has the potential to be the most complicated, it's really a breeze when approached from the context of the Rock-Solid Nutrition lifestyle. There is simply no need to spend a ton of money on a bunch of ridiculous supplements, because you will be getting virtually everything you need from the greatest source of all: your food! This is what nature intended. At the same time, technology has given us the ability to improve upon our "natural resources" with a few select supplements that do very specific things for us. If you're following all of the other steps, then there are only a handful of supplements that might be relevant to your program, and basically only three products you need to know about. Start with one.

Stop the Toxins - Along with the High-Octane Smoothie concept, this one might be the most important of all. Simply put, it is more about the toxins we're taking in - than the nutrients we're not getting - that is killing us. I will lead you to all of the stats and all of the proof you need to understand this, and I will even recommend some key resources for you to check out. In the end, you will know the truth and have a better understanding about how destructive the typical eating/drinking habits are to the body, our fellow animals and the planet.

The good news is, as you have been following the other five components, you will - by default - already be practicing this Stop the Toxins idea, because you will have been eating something healthy where you otherwise might have eaten something unhealthy. But to really work this one out, I have devised several step-by-step ways to get you beyond these toxic, lifestyle habits, and you can decide whether you want to start by eliminating just one or clean house with all of them.

Overview: Complete!

There you have it. The quick overview on everything involved with getting into a superior nutrition regimen that you can follow forever. To get started, just scroll down and click on Starters.


About the Recommendations

Throughout the following sections, as well as in the book, you will see many different product recommendations. So just for the record: I have no endorsement arrangement with, or any financial interest in, ANYTHING that I recommend. This gives me complete flexibility to change a recommendation at any time if a better one comes along or if an existing one is suddenly downgraded to include any animal products or refined sugars. Even in the rare event that I might recommend a multi-level company's product, I will send you to the source that I use. My intention is to turn you on to the best of everything, period...without agenda.


The Components in Detail

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More Info?

As mentioned earlier, water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals comprise the six nutritional components that the body is looking for. And while there is little debate about the body's need for these things, specifics about carbohydrates, protein and fat remain extremely controversial. So let's set the record straight as we take a closer look at these three nutrients from the following unedited book excerpt:

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